ECON-4 is a high performance digital speed governor, capable to control an actuator for diesel engines or a throttle for gas engines with up to 10 Amperes output current.


  • Independent speed governor unit
  • Wide range of supported actuators
  • Precise fuel rack or throttle position due to position feedback signal evaluation
  • Overspeed protection
  • 3 modes of control – binary, analogue, CAN line (if ComAp controllers are used)
  • Droop operation possible
  • Switchable PID loop speed / load settings
  • PID for individual actuator tuning
  • Programmable start fuel limitation
  • Programmable maximum fuel rack position
  • Easy configurable with free PC tool
  • Data interface with InteliSysNT controller

The supported types of actuators:

  • Heinzmann actuators – STG6, STG10, STG30, STG2010, STG2040 asf.
  • Woodward – ITB PWM, ITB 0-200mA, F-series PWM, Dyna 8000 series actuators asf.
  • GAC - ATB552t2F-24 and

Additional outputs of 0-10Vdc or 0-20mA for actuators controlled by DC signals (e.g. Woodward) and supplied directly from 24Vdc battery.